"Level 5: Students explain the relationships, past and present, in living and non-living systems, in particular ecosystems, and human impact on these systems. They analyse what is needed for living things to survive, thrive or adapt, now and in the future. They explain how the observed characteristics of living things are used to establish a classification system. Students use simulations to predict the effect of changes in an ecosystem."

To assess your understanding of this unit of work you may complete one of the following options:

1. Create a 3 to 5 minute video in the style of David Attenborough or Steve Irwin.
2. Create a comic book, using the computer software "Comic Life", about animal relationships (eg. "The Swamp" or Gary Larson)
3. Create a design for an animal camouflage to enable you to get up close to your chosen organism.

Your work must include the following:
  • A detailed description of your animal - special adaptations that help it to survive, get it's food or escape from predators
  • Where it lives, including the type of habitat you may find it in
  • What it eats (it's food)
  • What eats it (it's predators)
  • Does it have any parasites or pathogens (diseases)?