This page is to assist year 7 Science students on two continents share their knowledge about extraordinary animals. Mr Ardito's class in New York and Mrs Gow's class in Victoria, Australia will be working together on a project to design a camouflage for a wildlife biologist to do up close research on an extraordinary animal.

If you are a teacher or student who would like to contribute to this wiki, please request a membership. You can then add a page for animals from your country.

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Level 5 Science Project

Tuning In:
Have you heard about the scientist, a crocodile researcher, who disguised himself as a 4 metre crocodile and got right up close to the subjects of his research?
Or the elephant dung-cam, a remote control mobile camera camouflaged as a pile of poo!
You may have watched the "Eye of the Tiger" program, hosted by David Attenborough, where Indian elephants are used to transport mobile cameras following a family of tigers.
In this project you will imagine you are a research biologist investigating a specific animal.
You need to get close up to this animal in the wild, without affecting its natural behaviour. How will you do it?

Finding Out and Sorting Out:

(1)Check out the following interactive website - **National Geographic “Crittercam”**
The following web sites are more examples of "Critter Cams" - real-time video of animals:
Sea Otter
Panda Cams
Peregrine Falcon Cams
Bald Eagle Cams
Elephant Cam

(2)Choose an animal to study - Australian students will choose an American animal from the page at left (under "Navigation") and Mr. Ardito's class will choose an Australian Animal.

Some good websites to find information are:

Animal World Records
The Gould Group.
Three Victorian Zoo's site
International Union of Conservation of Nature
Ready Education Kid's World
Department of Sustainability and Environment (Australia)

(3)Take careful notes about its appearance and senses. Does it have any special adaptations that help it to escape from predators or catch its prey? What are it's physical (structural), functional and behavioural characteristics that enable it to survive?

The Task:
Design a disguise that will enable you to get up close to your chosen animal without being detected. Make sure you think about each of the five senses and any other special adaptations that your animal has. Present your design as a poster, Powerpoint or on Voicethread, with instructions on the equipment and materials you need and how to make your disguise.
Include information on why each of the materials is necessary and how it assists you to remain undetected when you are close to the animal.

Go to to add you own comments!

·Have you described your organism in detail – including a picture, physical description and notes about its predators, habitat and breeding.

·How does it obtain it’s food? How does it avoid predators? How does it find a mate and rear offspring?

·Have you have described your animal’s extraordinary ‘talent’ accurately and in scientific terms?

·Have you described how this adaptation contributes to the organism’s survival – is it a structural, behavioural or functional adaptation?

·Have you designed a camouflage that takes into account the animal’s physical characteristics, habitat, behaviour and unique adaptations?

·Have you analysed what might happen if there were no more of this organism on earth?