This is the page where you can add 20 or so different american animals and describe their features.

Describe their structural or physical features and how they assist survival - for example: spines, horns or sharp teeth can prevent attack from a predator.

Describe the functional characteristics that enable this animal to survive - for example: some organisms can survive long periods without water or extract energy from unusual sources. Perhaps they hibernate in winter.

Describe the behavioural attributes that make this animal well adapted to their environment - do they rest in the heat of the day to avoid dehydration, do they only come out at night to avoid predators?

Arctic fox, Arctic hare, Arctic tern, Arctic wolf
Anteater, Armadillo,American crocodile, Alligator
Bald Eagle, Badger, Beaver, Black Bear,Buffalo/Bison,
Bobcat, Big-horned sheep
Condor, Cougar, Coyote, Coati, Chipmunk, Caribou
Groundhog, Gila monster,
Horned owl
Manatee, macaw
Rattlesnake, Red-eyed tree Frog
Salmon, Salamander