The Cane toad is native to central and South America and now has become a pest in Australia. It was brought to Australia to eat the bugs in the sugar cane and it worked and now they are everywhere. Cane toads, introduced into Australia to control beetles that were destroying sugarcane crops, are still spreading across Australia. They failed to control the cane beetles, and became a major pest themselves.Cane toads can harm native wildlife by eating small animals and poisoning larger predators that try to eat them. Household pets are also at risk from poisoning. So far, there is no known way to control cane toads across large areas, but scientists are searching for a biological control agent that is specific to the toads. In 1935, about 100 cane toads were shipped from Hawaii to Gordonvale, in northern Queensland. And after the release it was found that the toad could not control the insects. Instead, it quickly established itself as another pest animal.